zNitro Warranty

Warranty Replacement

Guess what! We will now warranty your screen protector even in it’s not ours! So if your wife, hubby, son, daughter, ex-wife’s wife, wait a second….well anyway, if they cracked their screen protector we will still warranty it for them! We don’t care! We just want your device protected! 

NOTE – warranty must be done direct through our website, resellers are not authorized to warranty our product in store. 

Well since you are reading this you must need a warranty replacement. Just email us at warranty@znitro.com and you will receive a 14 page email explaining how to warranty you product. Just kidding!  We aren’t those other guys….but seriously just email us at warranty@znitro.com with a selfie, if you choose to be brave, and we’ll send you a coupon code to buy any new screen protector for any device you want! You don’t even need to get the same one you had! 

Here is our pricing for processing your warranty. Processing includes making the screen protector, packaging it, hugging the package, putting it in a mailer for the good ol’ post office to pick up, one more hug as we sadly say goodbye and BOOM you have a new screen protector. 

For customers in the United States we charge the following processing fees:

Nitro Glass Products

$9.95 for Phone devices.

$16.95 for Curved Glass 

$16.95 for all Tablet Devices

Nitro Shield & Nitro Cardon Products

$6.95 for all devices

For customers outside the United States we charge the following processing fees:

$19.99 for all products. Duty and custom fees will apply as per your country’s regulations. zNitro is not responsible for these fees.

All zNitro products are covered by our Lifetime Replacement program.


here are the pesky details, you can read them if you really, really, really want to.

The replacement processing usually takes 1-3 business days. For International orders, the customer is responsible for shipping and duty charges on the replacement. If the incorrect product is ordered or the incorrect mailing address is given you will be responsible for return postage on orginal order and also an additional $9.95 processing fee for the corrected order.

*processing fee may include some or all of the following: shipping, handling, taxes, duties, processing any and all other costs and fees associated with this.