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Think Green - Our product are manufactured specifically to reduce production and consumer waste.
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Why You Should Choose Clear Protector:

Clear Protector is a ricochet density film originally designed for the military. It is made of a soft core covered by a rigid outer layer. This two layer design prevents scratches, chips, and scuffs. Since its inception, this material has been used successfully in applications ranging from aircraft design to NASCAR.

Think Green – Our products are manufactured specifically to reduce production and consumer waste.

No Yellowish Discoloration – Clear Protector doesn’t turn yellow after use.

Provides More Coverage – Clear Protector offers more protection for your device.

Customer Support – Clear Protector provides FREE after purchase support via phone or email.

High Tech Facility – Clear Protector manufactures out of a high tech facility.

Clear Protector guarantees that it provides a layer of ultimate protection for your cell phone, camera, laptop, iPod, GPS, and much more! There have been over 1,000,000 Clear Protectors sold worldwide and over 200 distribution points worldwide. See which works best for your gadget.