Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our YouTube Channel for install tips and videos. You can also view an installation video by clicking “Installation Video” on the top of this page. Both of these resources will help guide you through the installation process. Should you have further installation questions do not hesitate to contact our office.

Nitro Shield is a ricochet density film originally designed for the military.  It is made of a soft core covered by a rigid outer layer.  This two layer design prevents scratches, chips, and scuffs.  Since its inception, this material has been used successfully in applications ranging from aircraft design to NASCAR.

Nitro Shield was designed to NOT change the appearance of your device. Once applied, Nitro Shield is virtually invisible!

Not at all. It actually protects the touch screens from getting scratched. In addition, it provides a better grip on your device

Clear Protector can create a custom design to fit your specific device – no cutting or trimming necessary. Please send an email to In your email include the make, model and dimensions. One of our representatives will reply within 1-2 business days to let you know if we are able to create your custom protector.

Extended armor provides maximum front and back coverage and at times it covers the sides.  Screen provides a maximum LCD protection.  On flip phones, it covers interior and exterior screens.

Simply clean it with Windex or other soft LCD cleaning solution. We advise not removing the protector to clean it, as installing it second time does not result in the clarity and adhesiveness given on the first installation.

As suggested in our installation instructions, wash your hands thoroughly with gentle soap and water before installation. If you get finger prints on the film, please carefully peel up the corner and rub it with soapy water and it should come off. This needs to be done before the protector has dried, or you may experience the same re-installation problems described above.

Yes it does.

We do not suggest installing a Nitro Shield on a laptop or notebook screen. Water is used during the installation process, and although it is a minimal amount, damage could occur.

The protector does require a soapy solution which is made of water and a drop of liquid soap. We choose not to include this for environmental reasons as well as to keep our prices low.